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Viaano Mentioned By in Recent CNA Forward SG Event

Title: DPM Wong urges youths to take action to build a better Singapore
Author: Amanda Tan

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Excerpt of Viaano’s statements:

Mental health awareness

With respect to mental health awareness in Singapore, issues like the institutional and structural barriers in place such as long waiting times in hospitals and significant clinical fees in both the private and public health sectors were raised by participant Viaano Mikhael Spruyt.

“There’s an incredible lack of psychoeducation and awareness on mental health,” said the founder of mental health startup, Huddlehumans.

To mitigate this “whole host of issues”, Mr Wong announced that there’s a task force at work and more will be revealed in due time.

Better insurance and medical coverage for those with mental illnesses and persons with disabilities were some of the considerations mentioned by Mr Wong.

He added that for Singapore to see tangible change, employers need to be understanding when their staff open up about their mental health struggles and not treat them any differently from physical conditions.

There’s also a need to build up “a whole range of capabilities” to provide further assistance to individuals who struggle with mental health issues. This is not just limited to medical professionals but school counsellors as well, said Mr Wong.




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