Introducing Huddleverse’s New Animated Sticker Pack for Chatrooms

Embark on a journey of expressive communication with our latest release: our default sticker pack! Featuring beloved characters from Huddleverse such as Penyoo and Pink, this animated pack offers users a seamless way to engage with messages using vibrantly emotive stickers. Easily convey your emotions and reactions by simply tapping on the sticker icon within your chat and selecting the perfect sticker that matches your mood!


Our new sticker pack!


We’ve crafted this sticker pack with your needs in mind, inspired by the valuable feedback we’ve continually received from our users. Many of you have reached out to us, expressing a desire for a feature in chatrooms to connect with others in a non-verbal or non-textual manner, particularly if you’re feeling shy, anxious, or afraid about initiating conversations. We’ve taken your input to heart and are so excited to present this beautifully designed default sticker pack as a starting point for more enriching conversations – increasing the potential for you to create much more meaningful relationships in Huddleverse.


And this is just the beginning! Stay tuned for more custom sticker packs in the future as we continue to enhance the app based on your feedback. At Huddleverse, we’re committed to being your go-to social app, providing support and connection for those encountering problems in life and have no one to turn to.

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