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Huddlehumans Joins Discord’s Partner Program

Huddlehumans is now an official partner of Discord and is considered one of the top communities on the platform.

We are now in the top 1% of more than 6.7 million communities out there, and distinguished as a role model to the entire platform.

This is a testament of the wonderful work that our team has been doing in the mental health space, as well as the high active participation of our global mental health community.

We will continue to strive forward to reach out and support those that are isolated with their mental health experiences and have no one to turn to for help.

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About Huddlehumans

Huddlehumans is a global platform that strives to bring people together to challenge the social norms and stigma surrounding mental health.

Founded in 2017, we have endeavoured to provide a safe and non-judgemental portal for those with mental health issues to congregate and share their experiences. Recognising that mental illness is often an area shrouded in taboo and stigma, we made it a global mission to normalise mental health and continue to work tirelessly to break down barriers that prevent the disadvantaged from accessing mental health support.

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