YouTuber Ghib Ojisan Comes On Huddleverse Podcast

Our founder Viaano recently did a mental health podcast episode where he had a candid chat with one of Singapore’s top YouTubers, Ghib Ojisan.

The 244,000 followers-strong Japanese vlogger was born in Osaka, grew up in California, and is now living in Singapore after meeting his Singaporean wife whilst travelling around the world in 2017. He recently became a permanent resident in Singapore.

Mental health is known to be a significant social issue in Japan, with Japan having one of the highest suicide rates in Asia. The powerful stigma and discrimination around mental illness has kept most Japanese people from seeking treatment. This can also be attributed to the collectivistic culture of Japanese society where the group is often prioritised over the individual. As a result, Japanese people are known to suppress their feelings and are reluctant in confiding their mental health experiences to their close ones in fear of being judged and looked down upon.

In this particular episode, Ghib and Viaano explored many topics such as the differences in working culture in Japan and Singapore, the mental health crisis in Japan, the personal challenges he faced during COVID, and the importance of self-care.

If you have some spare time, do check out the episode here:

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