Our Advisory Panel

Dr. Guo Song

Advisor (Psychiatrist)

Dr. Guo Song, MBBS, MMedSC, PhD, is a psychiatrist in Singapore and has been practicing addictions medicine since 1990. Before his clinical practice in Singapore started in 2004, he served as the director of the National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre and was professor of psychiatry in Capital Medical University of Beijing. Dr. Guo Song has been heavily involved in many significant research projects on addiction medicine.

Dr. Guo Song joined Huddlehumans because he believes that we can do so much more to break down the widespread barriers that are preventing the disadvantaged from accessing mental health support.

Dr. Guo Song holds a doctorate in psychopharmacology from Peking University Health Science Center, a master’s degree in psychiatry from Capital Medical University, and a bachelor’s degree in medicine from Beijing Medical College. He also holds a graduate diploma in acupuncture from Singapore TCM College.

Dr. Charles Mak

Advisor (Psychiatrist)

Dr. Charles Mak, MBChB, MRCPsych, MSc Addiction Studies, is a psychiatrist in Singapore. He has a special interest in addictions medicine, with more than a decade of experience in the field.

Charles was invited to join Huddlehumans because he believes in the importance of improving mental healthcare accessibility for the underprivileged, and holds that we can uncover the untapped potential of e-technology in the mental health realm.

Dr. Lawrence Tan

Advisor (Psychologist)

Dr. Lawrence Tan, PsyD, MA Psychology (NTU), (Registered Psychologist SPS, CCS, CSAC, CGAC), is a Senior Psychologist in Singapore and has been practicing psychology since 2006.

A veteran in the mental health industry, Lawrence has headed the Institute of Mental Health’s gambling treatment services and oversaw the work of therapists working within this realm. Having worked with the department for more than a decade, Lawrence specialises in the treatment of patients with both substance (drugs and alcohol) and process/ behavioural (gambling, cyber-gaming, compulsive sexual behaviours) addictions. Lawrence was also a member of the treatment evaluation work group, playing a critical role in the organisation’s treatment and research initiatives to front intervention frameworks and track outcomes.

Lawrence regularly conducts both public education talks and training for professionals on managing addictive behaviours. In 2009, He was awarded a Health Manpower Development Program scholarship for a two-months attachment at the Problem Gambling Services, State of Connecticut, Department of Mental Health (United States), where he further enhanced his clinical expertise in gambling disorders. He was also awarded the NHG Teaching Award for Non-Physicians in 2012.

Lawrence holds a doctorate in psychology from the Professional School of Psychology (California, USA), a master’s of applied psychology from Nanyang Technological University, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from The Open University, United Kingdom.

Benjamin Yeo

Advisor (Social Worker)

Benjamin Yeo, BEd, MCouns, GDipSocWk, is a senior social worker with vast experience in the field of mental health. As a registered social worker under the Singapore Association of Social Workers (SASW) and a certified addiction counsellor, Benjamin has worked in various departments in the Institute of Mental Health Singapore that includes National Addictions Management Service, General Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic, and Adolescent Psychiatry. Benjamin is also an associate lecturer with the Singapore University of Social Sciences.

Benjamin was approached to join Huddlehumans because he shares the belief that mental health can be normalised on a global scale. He believes that people struggling with mental health should always have the gratis option of accessing mental health support no matter how disadvantaged they are.

Benjamin holds a graduate diploma in social work from the National University of Singapore, a master’s degree in professional counselling from Swinburne University of Technology, and a bachelor’s degree in education from Nanyang Technological University.

Sophie Gauthier

Advisor (Social Worker)

Sophie is a qualified social worker from Montreal, Canada. She now lives in Australia where she works as a lecturer in the higher education system. Sophie has worked for many agencies in her career ranging from community health, veterans services, hospitals, and crisis centres.

Sophie was invited to join Huddlehumans as she strongly supports our initiatives to respond to the needs of people to connect, to break social isolation, and our constant pursuit in increasing mental health wellbeing for all around the globe.

Robyn Holtzer

Advisor (Counsellor)

Robyn is a registered counsellor based in Australia under the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and has been practicing counselling in the mental health sector for many years, specialising in drug and alcohol telehealth counselling. Robyn has applied for membership with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) as a student currently enrolled in the Master of Counselling program. Growing up in the United States and having lived in the United Kingdom and Australia for the past 25 years, she has seen how incredible stigma has been unjustly attached to those suffering from mental health conditions.

Robyn was invited to join Huddlehumans because she strongly believes that Huddlehumans has the capability to make a paramount impact in the mental health sphere. In addition to that, she believes in supporting everyone’s worth and dignity, regardless of their background, situation, abilities, or beliefs.

Robyn holds a bachelor of applied social science (counselling) from Jansen Newman Institute (Torrens University Australia) and attended Clemson University and the Medical University of South Carolina for 3 years studying Biology and Pre-pharmacy. Robyn has also received her CTC qualifications from Wellesley College in Massachusetts (Travel Institute in Travel and Tourism) and was a manager of a travel agency for over a decade before becoming a counsellor.

Jessica Goodwin

Advisor (Counsellor)

Jessica Goodwin, BCouns, is an Australian based counsellor who has been working in the Alcohol and Other Drugs Sector for numerous years. Part of this role is working with clients who have a dual diagnosis (Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs). Jessica previously worked with children from 2-12 years of age, providing play therapy, art therapy, group therapy and family therapy. Jessica is a passionate counsellor who believes that if we provide nurtured support and connection for individuals with mental health issues, people will have freedom of expression and feel heard. 

Huddlehumans invited Jessica to be part of the team as she believes that when people have the right support in their lives, they will ignite their own inner healing abilities and flourish. Given the existential crisis in the world today, people need a safe platform to share their stories and experiences. Jessica believes that the mental health support through Huddlehumans will empower people to find their voice and purpose in the world. Thus, giving people meaning in their lives.

Jessica holds a bachelor of counselling from the Australian College of Applied Psychology. She is currently enrolled in the masters of social work program at Southern Cross University.

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